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Losing someone you love is never going to be easy. Losing a loved one to the negligent or reckless acts of another is unjust, unfair and often too much to bear alone. If you are going through such a time and need assistance and guidance, contact an experienced wrongful death attorney who cares. Contact Duck Law Firm, LLC to assist you in this time of need.

If your loved one not only provided love to your or your family but was also provided financial support, how do you cope with the financial losses and uncertain future arising from your loved one’s passing? The answer might be to consult with Kevin Duck of Duck Law Firm, LLC, an experienced trial lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana who prosecutes wrongful death claims and cares about his clients.

Why File a Wrongful Death Claim?

A lawsuit or legal action cannot bring back a loved one. For those who have not suffered such a loss it seems pointless to take legal action. But often the closure needed when a loved one’s life has been taken by a negligent act is through the civil justice system. When a person is careless and that careless conduct takes the life of a loved one but his conduct is not criminal, then how do you find justice in this world? The answer may be to hire an experienced lawyer who is experienced in wrongful death claims.

Kevin Duck is a civil litigator who has a track record of success in wrongful death claims. As a civil trial attorney in a wrongful death claim, our firm will act as a “civil prosecutor” to hold those who were reckless, careless or negligent in causing the death of your loved one accountable.

The people of Lafayette trust our team due to our accolades and achievements:

To help keep the weight of the situation off your shoulders, we also offer contingency fees to our personal injury clients, including those dealing with the pain of a wrongful death case. This means you do not pay us anything upfront, and never a dime out of pocket. Best of all, we only get paid if we recover through settlement or judgment on your behalf, so we are even more motivated to secure the maximum compensation available for you.

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Finding Compensation for Your Loss

Understandably, many people who have lost a loved one after an accident or incident tend to turn away from the idea of pursuing financial compensation, feeling that no amount of money can replace the person they lost. While this is absolutely true, it is important to realize that there will be costs and fees related to the incident, one way or another; if you do not take action against the responsible party, you will be the one paying for those damages. In some ways, this can feel like adding insult to injury, and our firm cannot stand for such an outcome and will do all we can to represent your needs.

Damages we can pursue in your wrongful death case include:

  • Loss of financial support
  • Funeral and Burial costs
  • Medical Expenses
  • Wrongful Death Claims (Claims the decedent would have been able to bring had he/she lived) and Survival Claims (Claims for pain and suffering from the time of injury to the time of death. Including emotional trauma)

Peace of Mind Should Begin Today

Our Lafayette wrongful death attorney, Mr. Duck, has always been known as a compassionate and knowledgeable legal advocate. We believe once you start working with us, you will feel comforted by our efficiency, allowing you to know that there is a serious team of professionals in your corner, fighting for you and the memory of your loved one. When you are ready, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we can talk about setting up a free initial consultation.