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Truck Accident FAQ

Lafayette, Louisiana Truck Accident Attorney Kevin R. Duck

After getting hurt in a truck accident, you are sure to have plenty of questions about what happened and what should happen next. At Duck Law Firm, LLC, we care about our clients and want to get them to a comfortable place while we take the fight to the opposition. In order to help you find some answers to frequently asked questions about truck accidents, we have compiled a brief list here. Of course, if you want to get working on your case right away, you can request a free initial review with our Lafayette personal injury lawyer by calling (337) 660-2699 today.

  1. How do I know who is at fault?
    At first glance, you and the insurance adjusters probably will not know who is entirely at fault. This is where proper investigative work from a dedicated and experienced attorney comes in handy. There is always something at the scene of the crash that points towards liability, and more often than not, the truck driver is to blame.
  2. Can an electronic on-board recorder help my case?
    Many modern commercial trucks use electronic on-board recorders (EOBR) to track important data regarding how the truck is being operated and maintained. Some models can even act much like a blackbox on an airplane, recording speed and location at the time of a collision. If an EOBR is in the truck that hit you, the data within could be used to your advantage.
  3. What are federal trucking regulations?
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an arm of the Department of Transportation that is dedicated to keeping large vehicles safe for use on public roadways. Most of their regulations focus on commercial trucks, how fast they may travel, what sort of cargo they can carry, and, most importantly, how many hours a day or week a trucker can work before they have to take a break. When hour regulations are ignored, truck drivers get fatigued and may cause accidents.
  4. Can I sue more than one party?
    The truck that hit you is a sum of its total parts, or parties to be more precise. The driver, the maintenance crew that services it, and the controlling parent company are all responsible for the safety of other motorists. Due to this collaborative effort, you may be able to pursue compensation from multiple parties for one truck accident.
  5. What type of evidence will help my case?
    All witness testimonies and bits of evidence will be respected by the court but it is no secret that everyone trusts the word of someone in uniform. If you can get medical records or police statements regarding your accident, make copies to give to your attorney to use as powerful tools in your case.
  6. What damages are covered in a truck accident claim?
    What damages would you like to recover? Allow your personal injury lawyer to review your damages and go from there. Typically, you should seek compensation that helps pay for medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, wages lost while you heal, increased salaries you cannot earn due to lifelong injuries, emotional trauma, and more. If the trucker committed a criminal violation that led to your crash, you might even be able to pursue punitive damages.
  7. Do I need a personal injury lawyer?
    Not retaining a truck accident attorney for your truck accident case is akin to not hiring an experienced safari guide for your walk through the Amazon. Yes, you can attempt it, but no, you should not expect anything good to come from your trek. The fact remains that trucking companies are often backed by huge conglomerates with dedicated teams of attorneys on call to take down your personal injury claim. Fighting back with legal help of your own may be the best way to win your case.
  8. Will hiring a truck accident lawyer be expensive?
    That depends on who you go to for help. Some attorneys charge flat fees or high hourly rates that they collect no matter the outcome of your case. At our Lafayette personal injury law firm, we are proud to offer contingency fee agreements to our clients. Under these contracts, you do not have to pay for our services upfront, we only get paid if you win a settlement, and when we do get paid, it is only a percentage of that settlement – nothing out of pocket!

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