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While any vehicle collision is a serious matter, few are as devastating as truck accidents. In the face of catastrophic injuries, heavy medical bills, and growing income losses, we at Duck Law Firm, LLC are ready to advocate for your right to financial recovery. Our injury lawyer has the resources, experience, and tenacity to hold the liable party responsible for their negligent, costly actions. Keep in mind that there are several Federal laws that govern the standards and duties of trucking companies.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as the result of a commercial truck driver or trucking companies negligence you need a skilled trial attorney who is familiar with the Federal motor carrier laws and has the experience and resources to fight these Goliaths of the roadway. Duck Law Firm, LLC has handled several trucking accident cases with a long history of successful results for his clients.

Why Choose Our Truck Accident Lawyer?

We know how to fight for you against the bully trucking companies and their stingy insurance companies, whether your truck accident was caused by driver fatigue, violated federal truck regulations, faulty vehicle parts, or some other form of negligence. Find out what your legal options are, and what you could be owed for your accident claim when you contact our legal team today! You can also learn what you should do after an accident or check out our comprehensive truck accident FAQ page for fast answers to some of the most pressing questions on your mind.

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How Are Truck Accident Claims Different?

While many believe that all motor vehicle accident claims are essentially the same, collisions involving commercial trucks are often far more complex and can introduce unique challenges for injured victims as they pursue compensation for their losses. As such, it is imperative that injured parties retain the services of a powerful attorney as soon as a possible to protect their rights and maximize their potential recovery.

Key differences between truck accidents and car accident claims include:

  • The stakes are higher: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 10 percent of highway deaths occur in collisions involving large trucks. Given the much greater risk for injury and damages, trucking companies and their associated insurers are prepared to fight tooth and nail against these claims to minimize their financial liability.
  • Trucking companies must comply with federal regulations: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires trucking companies to adhere to numerous different regulations to ensure the safety of other motorists, such as weekly and daily driving caps for drivers, mandatory inspections, cargo loading techniques, and others. Violations of these regulations can not only be used to hold trucking companies liable for damages in the event of a collision, but they can also cause them to be subject to further punitive action from the federal government.
  • Numerous potentially liable parties: Unlike car accidents where the at-fault driver and their insurance company are usually the only financially liable parties, trucking accidents are rarely as simple. Depending on the circumstances, there may be many different parties who are liable for the collision throughout the trucking company’s supply chain. While more liable parties means more sources of compensation, this also means that more insurance companies and lawyers will be involved contesting the claim.

Trucking Accident Liability

Who is responsible for your truck accident? The obvious answer would be to point at the truck driver and blame them for the entire thing. While this can be the sole source of liability in some trucking accident cases, the accountability can actually extend much further than what many people would expect.

Consider all the factors that go into operating, maintaining, and driving a commercial truck. It will become clear that a trucker’s mistakes are unlikely the only contributing factor to the collision, and that other parties are liable as well.

An investigation may reveal one or more of the following parties are liable:

  • Trucker: There are certain behaviors behind the wheel that can only be attributed to the truck driver’s own negligence and intentional recklessness. Drinking before beginning a shift, for example, is their conscious decision that no other parties likely had a hand in.
  • Maintenance crew: A truck driver is not directly responsible for all the moving parts of their vehicle, no matter how much time they spend on the road in it. Maintenance crews are tasked with routinely inspecting and repairing commercial trucks and only allowing them to hit the highway once they are in top condition. Failing to do their job adequately could result in a breakdown and an accident while the truck is in use.
  • Load crew: Many truck drivers have no idea exactly what is in the back of their tractor trailers while they are driving across the country. The people who load the freight, usually called load crews, are tasked with stacking it carefully and equally distributing the weight balance of the shipment. If the truck becomes misbalanced, it may flip over or become sluggish, resulting in a devastating trucking accident.
  • Supervisor/parent company: A certain amount of oversight is necessary within a trucking company to ensure that safety is always a priority and that accidents are avoided. Supervisors who do not create reasonable schedules may require one driver to work long hours, sometimes nearly an entire day. Parent companies that do not keep track of their supervisors also fail to do their part in managing a safely-running company.

You should not be discouraged by the number of people who could be liable for your trucking accident. At Duck Law Firm, our Lafayette truck accident attorney can actually use this to your advantage. By identifying multiple parties who are liable for your injuries, it may be possible to secure more compensation than what would have been possible in a single-defendant lawsuit.

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