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When manufacturing companies take shortcuts and create products that harm consumers, you have a right to seek compensation for injuries you suffer as a result of using their product. From the seller to the manufacturer or marketer, our Lafayette products liability lawyer is ready to help you fight back against negligent companies, whether that means filing a class action, a mass tort, or a consumer claim. Turn to our skilled litigator and proven advocate for real results and experience.

Examples of defective products include:

  • Airbags that fail to deploy
  • Toys made with toxic chemicals
  • Defective hip replacements
  • Medical devices that cause serious side effects
  • Medical equipment and appliances
  • Pharmaceutical drugs that cause permanent injuries or death
  • Defective transmission, ignition systems, or other auto parts
  • Bicycles with improper chain guarding

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Do I Have a Valid Product Liability Claim?

While a product manufacturer is expected to create a product to only the strictest of safety standards, proving the source of any resulting injuries still falls into the injured party’s responsibility. If you have been hurt by a defective product, you must be able to provide ample proof that the product itself contained an unreasonable defect and that this was the direct cause of your injury or accident. Our product liability attorney can help you create your claim, examine the dangerous product with reliable industry experts, and review the standards the product manufacturer should have been following when they produced the item.

There are three main types of product defects which we will need to consider:

  1. Design: A problem that is innate to the products actual design, purpose, or functionality; there is no way for a consumer to avoid a design flaw and it may be impossible for them to recognize one as well. For example: a rotary saw with no protective covering is dangerous, no matter how careful the user may be.
  2. Manufacturing: A problem that occurs between initial design concepts and actual end-products is known as a manufacturing defect. Issues of this sort often do not affect every single product but rather a batch of products that came from the same manufacturing line. For example: if the induction coils in a set of microwave ovens were wound tighter than the blueprint design instructed, they could overheat and cause the product to burst into flames.
  3. Marketing: We have all seen product commercials that made us raise a brow in suspicion. “Can it really do all that?” While false advertising is a problem, marketing can lead to dangerous product defects if it exaggerates the safety of an item, or does not give proper warnings or instructions for use. For example: You purchase a hoverboard and are given no instructions on how to ride, store, or care for the item, and you eventually fall off and hit your head; this is a real scenario that affected thousands of people in the 2015 holiday season.

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