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Highway Accidents in Louisiana

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The city of Lafayette, Louisiana is crisscrossed with numerous highways. The intersection of the 10, the 49, and the 167 is a particularly dangerous location, where multiple onramps and lanes can easily lead to a collision with negligent drivers. If you have been hurt in a highway car accident in Lafayette or any other city in Louisiana, let Duck Law Firm, LLC know. Our personal injury attorney is dedicated and focused on just that: personal injury cases. If you have a problem, or if you don't know what to do next, come to us for the legal solution.

People trust us with their car accident cases because we have:

Faster Speeds Cause Greater Hazards

Highway accidents are particularly more dangerous than most other forms of car accidents for several reasons. Specifically, everyone is traveling at a much faster rate than in comparison to the typical city street. Even though the speed limit for many freeways and highways in Louisiana is already set at an arguably high 70 or 75 miles per hour, many drivers feel the need to go even faster and push it to 80.

There tend to be more drivers on the highways than anywhere else, operating all sorts of different vehicles. Commercial trucks in particular can be difficult to maneuver around, and even a small amount of negligence on the driver's part can lead to a devastating truck accident.

It is not uncommon for a highway accident to result in:

  • Rollovers
  • Multicar pileups
  • Debris cast into other lanes
  • Fatal injuries

If you are caught up in a highway accident, injuries and damage to your vehicle could be extensive. Recovery and repairs will therefore be even more expensive than most crashes on city streets. With our firm’s assistance, you can pursue compensation that pays for medical bills, maintenance to your vehicle, lost wages, emotional trauma in the event of the wrongful death of a loved one, missing or reduced wages, and more.

We Bring Integrity, Commitment, and Results

Our car accident lawyer in Lafayette wants nothing more than to see you comfortable and on your feet as soon as possible. Sometimes insurance providers and negligent drivers will do all they can to stop that from happening. That is why we do all we can to step up and protect your rights as someone who was unjustly injured by the reckless acts of another.

When we work on your case, we can go the extra mile on your behalf. Do we need to investigate the accident reports? Do we need to study your medical record in greater detail? Whatever needs to be done, we want to be the team to do it for you.

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