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Lafayette, LA Bad Faith Insurance Claims

First-Party Insurance Claims Lawyer in Lafayette, LA

At Duck Law Firm, LLC, we have more than 23 years of legal experience helping people just like you seek fair compensation after being hurt in an accident. Not every case we take, however, is directly against the negligent parties involved with the incident; no, sometimes we have to take on insurance companies that are intentionally doing as little as they can to help their customers, effectively taking deserved money right out of their hands.

When an insurance company uses some form of dishonesty to short-change their customers, their conduct is deemed to be in “Bad Faith”. While this is generally reported in car accidents, Bad Faith may arise in health insurance claims, property damage claims including storm damage and water damage, homeowners insurance claims, life insurance claims, and disability insurance claims. If you as a policyholder believes your insurance company has not treated you fairly or has not fulfilled their obligation, you might have a “bad faith” claim against them.

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What Constitutes Bad Faith Insurance?

Any fraudulent act and/or failure for an insurance company to fulfill its contractual and/or legal obligations to their insured may be considered to be in “bad faith.” In fact, in an auto accident an insurance company has certain obligations to not only their insureds but also the other persons involved in the accident. This means that there are plenty of ways a bad faith insurance claim could arise. This does not mean, however, that they will always be readily identifiable and necessary straightforward to fight. Always be aware of how your insurance company acts when you go to file a claim. If you suspect any unnecessary resistance to providing you with the financial support you have been paying for through premiums, you may have to consider that bad faith is at hand.

Common forms of insurance bad faith include:

  1. Denying a claim without reason (or for profit)
  2. Finding excuses to delay paying your claim
  3. Outright cancelling a claim without warning
  4. Paying less than a claim requires
  5. Promising to pay a claim and then not doing so
  6. Utilizing no investigation for your claim
  7. Misrepresenting policy terms and/or conditions
  8. Failure to pay a claim timely

How Do I Challenge Their Denial or Delay?

An insurance company has contractual obligations and legal obligations to both their insureds and third parties. At Duck Law Firm, we are knowledgeable of these obligations. If you feel an insurance company is not being fair with you or failing to fulfill their obligations, contact Duck Law Firm, LLC to discuss your rights in a free case review. An insurance company's bad faith conduct may result in them paying penalties in addition to any damages they may owe. You do have a voice when you need it – call Attorney Kevin Duck with Duck Law Firm, LLC to be your voice.

Tough Representation for Storm Damage Claims in Lafayette

Big insurance corporations are notorious for seeing their customers as case numbers. They are bottom line businesses. Specifically, the put the bottom line before their insureds and those making claims against them. Bad faith conduct by an insurance company is motivated by greed and the bottom line. The insurance industry employs experienced and skilled personnel to avoid coverage and minimize claims. Rather than seeing if you can go toe-to-toe with these bullies, let our Lafayette personal injury attorney do the fighting for you.

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