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If you are roustabout, rough neck, driller, longshoreman, shipyard worker, harbor employee or any other offshore worker who has been injured at sea, discuss your situation with our Lafayette maritime accident lawyer at Duck Law Firm, LLC. By law, injured seamen on a vessel in navigable waters are eligible to seek compensation under the Jones Act if their injuries were the result of a negligent vessel owner, operator, or coworker.

Maritime workers injured through the fault of others or as a result of an unseaworthy vessel may recover damages from the party at fault. Likewise, guests aboard vessels in the Gulf of Mexico or other body of water may recover compensation for personal injuries suffered due to the acts of others. To learn if you are eligible to file a claim under the Jones Act or General Maritime Law, talk to a maritime accident lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana today.

We have represented numerous offshore accidents, including injuries from:

  • Slip and falls aboard drilling rigs
  • Faulty or broken equipment aboard drilling rigs
  • Unsafe personnel transfers
  • Unseaworthy conditions of the vessel including untrained crew members
  • Fishing boat accidents
  • Boat collisions

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Offshore injuries are governed by a unique set of complex admiralty laws. Not many attorneys have the knowledge and experience in handling and investigating claims involving offshore vessels. At our firm, we have been serving injured seamen for over 23 years, helping them seek maximum compensation. From semi-submersible rigs and jack up rigs to offshore vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, our lead attorney, Kevin Duck, has handled a wide variety of accidents involving these vessels.

Understanding the Jones Act

The owner of a vessel has a duty to ensure that their vessel, crew, and equipment are adequately safe. While injured seamen are not covered by worker's compensation, the federal Jones Act makes up for this deficiency by allowing seamen to bring claims for employer negligence.

If a seaman is injured or killed by a vessel owner's negligence, then the victim or surviving loved ones may be able to seek damages that include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages/earning capacity, and funeral/burial expenses (in cases of death).

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