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  • Louisiana Couple & Child Unharmed in Rollover Due to Seatbelts

    Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 22-Jul-2016

    A young Louisiana couple are counting their lucky stars after they and the man’s infant daughter were able to walk away from a violent rollover accident completely unscathed. Luke Naquin was driving down Louisiana 40 with his one-year old daughter and his girlfriend when he inadvertently lost control of his truck. The vehicle ran off the road, tumbled into the adjacent field, and stopped ...
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  • Louisiana State Trooper Injured in Car Accident on I-55

    Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 19-Jul-2016

    Authorities are reporting that a Louisiana State Trooper was “moderately” injured in early July 2016 following a traffic collision on Interstate 55. The trooper had stopped her vehicle on the right shoulder to assist a motorist that was struggling with their broken-down vehicle. After placing road flares to warn oncoming traffic of the situation, the trooper moved in front of her own ...
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  • Teen Facing Manslaughter Charges After Encouraging Boyfriend's Suicide

    Posted By Duck Law Firm || 29-Apr-2016

    When Conrad Roy contacted his long-distance relationship girlfriend, Michelle Carter, in July of 2014, he told her that he was planning on committing suicide via carbon monoxide poisoning. Instead of contacting the police and attempting to talk him out of the reckless behavior, Carter allegedly encouraged him to kill himself. According to text messages and phone call records collected by ...
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  • GM Kills 124 People. No Arrests. No Jail Time. GM Settles for Pennies on the Dollar

    Posted By Duck Law FIrm || 12-Dec-2015

    Once again a corporate titan kills people through their negligence and coverups and walks away unscathed. Over 124 people lost their lives because of a defect with the GM ignition. Several of those lives could have been saved if GM did not cover up the defect. Why the cover up? Money and greed! GM was able to successfully avoid paying thousands of claims based upon a bankruptcy filing that ...
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  • Volkswagen Update

    Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 4-Dec-2015

    German automaker Volkswagen ( VW ) has been in the hot seat ever since it was revealed that they had taken steps to deliberately rig emission test results in millions of their automobiles. Researchers discovered a “cheat device” installed inside the engines of numerous VW car models, specifically those using a “clean diesel” engines. The device would lower emission ratings ...
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  • Duck Law Firm Class Action Lawsuit Against General Motors for Defective 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

    Posted By Kevin R. Duck || 1-Dec-2015

    Duck Law Firm is representing Louisiana residents who own(ed) 2011 GMC Chevy Cruze for redhibitory defects. This vehicle has had numerous recalls and safety campaigns involving safety issues. If you or someone you know own or owned this vehicle, please contact our office to assist you in claims you may have against General Motors. We are experienced in individual consumer litigation as well as ...
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  • Driver Distractions: Don't Text and Drive!

    Posted By Kevin R. Duck || 26-Nov-2015

    Take extra care on the roads during the holidays. Save a life, save your life. Don't text and drive. Key Facts and Statistics In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involv­ing distracted drivers. This represents a 6.7 percent decrease in ...
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  • Duck Law Firm Representing 2011-2012 Camaro Convertible Owners for Defective Tops

    Posted By Kevin R. Duck || 25-Nov-2015

    Duck Law Firm is representing Louisiana residents who own(ed) 2011-2012 Camaro Convertible in a class action against General Motors. The case is pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana- Shreveport Division. If you or someone you know owns or owned a 2011-2012 Camaro Convertible and you experienced any water leaks with the top or premature wearing and ...
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  • Save Sophie!

    Posted By Kevin R. Duck || 21-Nov-2015

    I have a big soft spot in my heart for animals, especially man's best friend. Please read and share this story and let's try to save Sophie.
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  • Thanksgiving: Will You Donate?

    Posted By Kevin R. Duck || 21-Nov-2015

    As Thanksgiving approaches, please open your hearts and share with those less fortunate. Please donate: Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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  • Season Is Near...Don't Forget Your Christmas Cards - Support St. Jude's

    Posted By Kevin R. Duck || 20-Nov-2015

    The Holiday Season is around the corner. This year join Duck Law Firm, LLC in buying your Christmas cards from St. Jude's and make a difference in a child's life.
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