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Your Car's Hands-Free Device Can Still Cause a Car Accident

Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 20-Sep-2016

Everyone wants to see automobiles get safer to drive and we can all acknowledge that technology can get help us along that path. Many people swear that fully-autonomous cars are the way of the future, despite the science behind self-driving vehicles still being years away. For now, many automakers are trying to promote safe driving habits by installing hands-free cellular devices into vehicles by default. More and more cars will let you talk to a business partner, text a friend, check social media posts, and more with voice commands and a screen in the dashboard.

While this sounds like it should be helpful, the National Safety Council (NSC) and their studies believe the opposites. According to their findings, using a hands-free device is just as dangerous as using a smartphone on its own. Since a hands-free device keeps the driver’s hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, shouldn’t it be much safer? What is going on to make them apparently so ineffective at protecting drivers and preventing crashes?

Multitasking, Or Lack Thereof

The NSC has determined that the concept of multitasking has been misconstrued and exaggerated. Rather than truly managing two tasks at once, our minds are only capable of switching rapidly between them, devoting the totality of its power to one at a time. Doing anything while driving therefore diverts your full attention away from the task of driving, whether you are texting via typing on a keyboard or speaking to the hands-free software. The NSC also determined that when talking on a phone or using a hands-free device, a driver sees and acknowledges only 50% of their normal field of view.

The only way to prevent distracted driving accidents is to not allow yourself to become distracted, even if a car’s advertisement states that it makes hands-free talking effortless. Sometimes being responsible can only get you so far, though, and you wind up getting blindsided by a negligent or intoxicated driver. What do you do then?

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