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Louisiana State Trooper Injured in Car Accident on I-55

Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 19-Jul-2016

Authorities are reporting that a Louisiana State Trooper was “moderately” injured in early July 2016 following a traffic collision on Interstate 55. The trooper had stopped her vehicle on the right shoulder to assist a motorist that was struggling with their broken-down vehicle. After placing road flares to warn oncoming traffic of the situation, the trooper moved in front of her own SUV. At this point, another vehicle slammed into the back of it, causing the SUV to hit the officer.

According to reports from the Louisiana State Police, another vehicle had stopped on the left side of the highway, hesitant to pass the trooper’s flares. Another driver, who has been identified as Mr. Shane Matecun, swerved to avoid the stopped vehicle, swerved again to avoid the highway guardrails, and ultimately crashed into the police SUV. Although no criminal intent is suspected, Matecun is likely to face charges for reckless driving, or the careless operation of his vehicle as it is often categorized in Louisiana.

Determining Liability in Unique Circumstances

The scene that led to the trooper’s injuries is anything but routine, yet it can happen to anyone. While it may be highly likely that Matecun will be found mostly liable for the collision, a full investigation into the crash could reduce his total liability. Reports do not indicate whether or not the driver who stopped on the left side of the road has been identified; if they have been, could they not be partially responsible for what happened? On the other hand, looking into the matter closely could solidify his total liability.

When it comes to determining true liability in car accident cases such as this, only a thorough understanding of the crash and the events that led up to it will do. At Duck Law Firm, LLC, our Lafayette car accident attorney takes pride in being able to consistently deliver top-tier legal representation to those who have been involved in car accidents and fighting on their behalf for maximized compensation. If you need our help after being struck by a reckless driver, call 337.660.2699 to schedule a free case review.

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