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Louisiana Couple & Child Unharmed in Rollover Due to Seatbelts

Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 22-Jul-2016

A young Louisiana couple are counting their lucky stars after they and the man’s infant daughter were able to walk away from a violent rollover accident completely unscathed. Luke Naquin was driving down Louisiana 40 with his one-year old daughter and his girlfriend when he inadvertently lost control of his truck. The vehicle ran off the road, tumbled into the adjacent field, and stopped completely upside down. Now Louisiana authorities are using the story to promote the importance of seatbelts and child seats.

According to the Highway Safety Commission, 33% of passenger vehicle fatalities in Louisiana are caused by rollover accidents, and 66% of those fatalities involved someone who had not buckled up. The organization warns that pickup trucks run the risk of rollovers at a rate double that of smaller sedans. On the other hand, putting on a seatbelt and ensuring that children are properly restrained in child safety seats will reduce the chance of death in a rollover by at least 75%.

( ran an article about this story when it first hit headlines, which can be seen here.)

Additional Tips for Pickup Truck Safety

  1. Slow around curves: People who have recently purchased a pickup truck may not be aware of the vehicle’s unique handling. Unlike sports cars that are built to hug the road, pickup trucks have a higher center of gravity, which, as the news story mentioned, increases the likelihood of a truck tipping over. To help prevent rollovers, make certain you slow to appropriate speeds whenever taking any turn or rounding a curve.
  2. Check blind spots: Midsize to large pickup trucks can have numerous blind spots that smaller vehicles do not. Familiarize yourself with where your blind spots are and always check them before turning or changing lanes. If you can upgrade your rearview and side view mirrors to enable you to see blind spots easier, consider the option.
  3. Distribute weight evenly: Safely steering a pickup truck can become a challenge if cargo loaded onto the bed is done so unevenly. Whenever possible, load materials so that weight is distributed well and does not put too much of a burden on one side or axle. This should make controlling your truck less of a hassle when moving equipment and other freight.

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