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Your Legal Options When an Insurance Claim Is Denied

Posted By Duck Law Firm || 27-Jan-2016

The last thing that a person wants to hear after an automobile accident or natural disaster is that their insurance claim has been denied. While many people rely on their insurance companies for financial assistance in their time of need, the hard truth of the matter is that insurance companies are businesses with stockholders to please. When reviewing claims, insurance adjusters are often instructed to search for ways to limit or completely deny a person’s compensation to protect their bottom line. If you should ever have an insurance claim denied, you may have a few options to continue to seek compensation.

Have an Attorney Submit an Appeal

If you filed a claim on your own, retaining the services of a skilled lawyer may be a desirable option. An attorney can help you file an appeal and request a reconsideration of your claim. Claims that are filed with the help of a respected attorney are often taken much more seriously and have a higher chance of being approved. It is not uncommon for claims to be denied simply for financial reasons in the hopes that you will give up. If a claim from a lawyer is still denied, filing a lawsuit may be an option if your attorney believes your claim has sufficient merit.

File an Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuit

While there are oftentimes valid reasons for claim denials, claims can sometimes be shot down intentionally or through the creative use of technicalities. When this happens, claimants can sometimes bring a claim of “bad faith” against their insurance provider. Simply put, insurance bad faith lawsuits surround the fraudulent or illegal actions of an insurance company to fulfill their contractual obligations.

If you receive a claim denial, it is imperative that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible and inquire about the reasons for denial. If you believe that none of their reasons apply to your case, they may be operating in bad faith.

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