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Sharing the Road with Wildlife in Louisiana

Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 17-Nov-2015

Car accidents are a serious concern, no matter what you state you live in, and everyone needs to do their part to help prevent them. Some states, however, have unique problems on their roadways that pose no less a threat. In Louisiana, just around the winter time, motorists need to be aware of deer crossing the road.

In a study that analyzed accidents from June 2013 to June 2014, there were nearly 10,000 deer-related car accidents or vehicle collisions within that time frame. That study shows more than a 5% rise from the previous year, and the trend looks to be continuing. While it is true that you are more likely to crash into deer in 37 other states, this number of collisions is significant when compared to the Louisiana’s size and estimated deer population.

How to Avoid a Collision with Wildlife

When you strike a wild animal with your vehicle, or if they leap into your car, there is obviously no other driver you can speak to about insurance information. This means that liability, and a rise to your insurance premiums, are on their way. To increase your chances of avoiding a dangerous collision with a deer or other creatures, benefitting both you and them, keep these tips in mind as you traverse Louisiana’s roadways:

  1. If you see a deer crossing sign, slow down slightly.
  2. Turn on high beams on dark backroads.
  3. Do not swerve when a deer appears – you could careen off the road.
  4. Deer rarely travel alone – one deer could mean many deer.
  5. Wildlife is generally more active at night, dusk, and dawn.

Winter season is deer mating season in Louisiana. You should expect to see more of them, especially in areas away from cities. When all is said and done, your best bet to avoid a deer-related car accident could be to practice responsible driving behaviors at all times.

If you would like to know more about filing an injury claim with your insurance provider after being hurt by a deer crossing the road, contact a Lafayette personal injury attorney from the Duck Law Firm, LLC. Your first consultation is free, so do not hesitate to call (377) 660-2699 today.

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