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Volkswagen Update

Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 4-Dec-2015

German automaker Volkswagen (VW) has been in the hot seat ever since it was revealed that they had taken steps to deliberately rig emission test results in millions of their automobiles. Researchers discovered a “cheat device” installed inside the engines of numerous VW car models, specifically those using a “clean diesel” engines. The device would lower emission ratings considerably when the car was hooked up to testing equipment; out on the road, as in for 99.99% of the car’s life, the nitrogen oxide emissions were much higher, sometimes several times higher than environmental regulation agencies would allow.

Immediately following the outbreak of the news, VW sales sank close to 10% in October alone. In November, sales plummeted again in the United Kingdom – around 20% – and by a whole quarter in the United States. Even in auto markets that grew in recent quarters, VW struggled to make a splash; in Chine, the auto market saw an 11.8% increase overall but VW couldn’t even pick up 2%. Automotive research groups, including Euromonitor, believe that the scandal will continue to hurt Volkswagens reputation for quite some time since it involved intentional deception, not someone’s mistake on the manufacturing line.

(For more information regarding the ongoing scandal, you can read a full article posted by CNN Money here.)

What Can the Consumer Do?

VW consumers across the world are up in arms because they believe they have been scammed by the company, paying for more than they should have. By all estimations, it would appear that their claims are legitimate. Most of the vehicles affected by the cheat devices were sold under the implication that they were clean, fuel-efficient diesel machines. If the cars do not live up to that advertisement or standard, they should not be kept at their current pricing.

If you have purchased one of the vehicles named in VW’s recall, you may be able to sue them for damages related to overpaying and for the inconvenience of recalling your vehicle. Contact Duck Law Firm and our Lafayette VW litigation attorney today for legal assistance in filing a claim.

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