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GM Kills 124 People. No Arrests. No Jail Time. GM Settles for Pennies on the Dollar

Posted By Duck Law FIrm || 12-Dec-2015

Once again a corporate titan kills people through their negligence and coverups and walks away unscathed. Over 124 people lost their lives because of a defect with the GM ignition. Several of those lives could have been saved if GM did not cover up the defect. Why the cover up? Money and greed! GM was able to successfully avoid paying thousands of claims based upon a bankruptcy filing that predated the discovery of the defect and the fraud covering up the defect.

GM proves that sometimes it's not what you know, it's who you know. If you think their payout is significant, think again. GM will make back the entire sum of the payout and then some due to their stock prices increasing since the settlement.

On a daily basis corporate titans and Wall Street escape accountability for their greed induced actions! Who are the only people who will hold them accountable? Lawyers. Trial lawyers! Civil prosecutors. Washington and the federal government give them slaps on the wrists because they cannot bite the hands that feed them. It takes a brave plaintiff and there lawyer to shine a light on the darkness within which they hide their dirty secrets. If you are someone you know has been injured or killed by a defective product, contact Duck Law Firm. We will fight the corporate titans for you.

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