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  • No Damage Doesn't Mean No Injuries After a Car Accident

    Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 28-Dec-2015

    After a car accident, people expect to see shattered glass, twisted metal, and a general scene of wreckage. When the vehicles involved only have slight dents to bumpers or scratches in the paint, there comes a common misconception that everyone must be fine. The reality could not be further from the truth, though, as a vehicle’s damage is not indicative of a passenger’s injuries at ...
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  • Driving Dangers in Louisiana During Holiday Celebrations

    Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 24-Dec-2015

    Southern Louisiana is known to be a party hotspot in the country, if not the world. From Lafayette to New Orleans, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations can get rowdy and raucous, with people left and right imbibing in an alcoholic beverage or two. Or three. With such an extensive amount of partying going on around the holidays, is it any surprise than 1,000+ people are arrested for an ...
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  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Posted By Duck Law Firm, LLC || 21-Dec-2015

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! We hope you have a safe and happy holiday.
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    Posted By Duck Law Firm, L.L.C. || 14-Dec-2015

    Bullying is a real problem in our schools. Bullying has a profound impact on the lives of those who are the victims. This impact goes beyond the confines of the school yard. The impact goes beyond a child's graduation from High School. The impact is everlasting. While depression, anxiety, stress and fear are the immediate responses to bullying, all too often this harassment leads to suicide or ...
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  • GM Kills 124 People. No Arrests. No Jail Time. GM Settles for Pennies on the Dollar

    Posted By Duck Law FIrm || 12-Dec-2015

    Once again a corporate titan kills people through their negligence and coverups and walks away unscathed. Over 124 people lost their lives because of a defect with the GM ignition. Several of those lives could have been saved if GM did not cover up the defect. Why the cover up? Money and greed! GM was able to successfully avoid paying thousands of claims based upon a bankruptcy filing that ...
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