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"We prepare for trial. We will either make the defendant settle your claim for top dollar value or we will take your case to trial and to Verdict. While we strive to complete a case within 12 months, whether it is through settlement or a trial we always take the time necessary to prepare and litigate your case the right way!”

- Kevin Duck

While we are proud of the results we obtain for our clients, we choose not to publish their names or identify their cases so as to protect their privacy and in some cases honor confidentiality agreements. Further, we want everyone who reads this section to know that each and every one of our clients sustained serious injuries and were entitled to the judgment awarded or the settlement obtained. It is a huge price that our clients paid to obtain their awards. We are honored and humbled by those who have selected our firm to be their voice in their time of need.*Please note that past case results do not guarantee similar results in future cases – the outcome of any lawsuit depends upon multiple factors unique to each case.

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$1,975,000.00. 47 year old male driver injured in rear end collision. Client sustained neck, back and shoulder injuries. Client underwent two level cervical fusion, rotator cuff repair and two level lumbar fusion. Prior history of back complaints and shoulder surgeries.

$950,000.00. 30 year old male driver injured in rear end collision. Client sustained neck injuries. Client underwent three level cervical fusion.

$900,000.00. 25 year old male involved in a rear end collision. Two level lumbar fusion.


$1,300,000.00. Plaintiff sustained lumbar injuries requiring a two level lumbar fusion.

$1,100,000.00. 43 year old male driver in a rear end collision. Client sustained lower back injury. Client underwent two level lumbar fusion.

$700,000.00. 59 year old male rear ended by 18 wheeler. Pre-existing neck and back conditions. Client undergoes epidural injections for his neck and back. Recommendation by physician for cervical and lumbar surgery.


$2,026,756.42. 26 year old male struck by van while driving his motorcycle. Suffers leg amputation.


$1,548,000.00. 56 year old seaman fell on a slippery deck resulting in a knee injury the required a knee replacement.

$875,000.00. 31 year old seaman who suffered a lumbar injury while working on a vessel during maintenance operations cleaning the vessel. Client underwent L4-5 laminectomy and fusion.

$850,000.00. 54 year old seaman injured during maintenance operations offloading equipment. Client underwent a two level lumbar fusion.

$950,000.00. 30 year old seaman attacked by two crewmembers resulting in lacerations to his forehead, retinal tear, loss of four teeth and a two level lumbar fusion.

$850,000.00. 32 year old seaman injured while performing seismic operations on a vessel. Client underwent a lumbar fusion.


$1,000,000.00. 32 year old male fell through skylight while attempting to repair roof. Father of two minor children.


$935,000.00. Female injured in elevator that dropped 3-4 feet unexpectedly resulting in severe injury to her knee resulting in multiple knee surgeries.