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No Win, No Fee – We Offer Contingency Fees

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At Duck Law Firm, LLC, we understand that for many injured clients, they are already struggling financially due to the high cost of medical bills and lost wages from missed work. To make our services more accessible to individuals from all walks of life, we at Duck Law Firm, LLC accept injury cases on contingency fee basis. This means that we don't collect legal fees until after we win your case. Learn more below.

The basics of contingency fees:

  • You don't pay any fees upfront
  • We front all litigation-related costs
  • Legal fees are collected when your case is settled
  • Your fees are a percentage of the final settlement

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Advantages of Contingency Fees

Many clients often prefer contingency fees because it allows them to pursue just compensation without having to worry about additional financial constraints or attorneys' fees upfront. We assume the risks so you have one less thing to worry about.

Benefits of contingency fees include:

  • Access to quality counsel, regardless of financial situation
  • Your attorney is motivated to win
  • No out-of-pocket payments
  • No unknown large legal bills at the end

Contingency Fee FAQ

It is not every day that you meet a personal injury attorney who is willing to work for contingency fees. For this reason, you may understandably be unfamiliar with this concept. Don’t worry, though. Our team here at Duck Law Firm, LLC has prepared a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about contingency fees to shed more light on this interesting and beneficial concept. Of course, if you do not see the question on your mind, you should feel free to call us at (337) 660-2699 and ask us.

  1. I don’t have much money. How can I hire an attorney?
    The true advantage of contingency fee agreements is being able to retain the services of a professional personal injury attorney without having to reach into your own pocket or bank account. No matter how much money you have right now, you can afford a lawyer who works for contingency fees.
  2. Will I have to pay if my case is unsuccessful?
    A lawyer who works for contingency fees will only charge for their services if the case is a success. This means you earn a settlement through a verdict or out of court agreement.
  3. How exactly is a contingency fee attorney paid?
    Assuming that your case resolves successfully in your favor, your legal counsel will be paid through a percentage of whatever winnings you achieve. This means you never risk having to pay them more than you can afford.
  4. What is the percentage rate of a typical contingency fee?
    Good question, tricky answer. Contingency fees are generally established on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, the more complex your case and the longer it will take to complete, the higher the contingency fee percentage. If we had to ballpark a number, it could be said that the average contingency fee agreement pays 25% to 40% of the winnings back to the attorney.
  5. Do contingency fees motivate attorneys?
    At Duck Law Firm, LLC, we are always motivated to win each case our clients bring our way. We genuinely want to see you comfortably recovering. But contingency fees to add an extra bump of motivation, especially when pursuing maximum compensation. The more money we can get you, the more we get paid. It’s a win-win!
  6. What other forms of attorney fees are there?
    Some attorneys charge a flat-fee upfront. This is problematic because you could pay them $15,000 only for them to win you half that amount, or nothing at all. Other lawyers will charge by the hour. This can be somewhat misleading as attorneys count every moment as part of your hourly fees, even when they spent 30 minutes trying to fix a paper jam in their printer.

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